Archero: Tips, tricks to aim correctly and hit the target

The charismatic action game Archero revolves around the process of self-improvement: After each short but extremely dramatic battles, you will have to upgrade equipment and new abilities for your brave archer hero. However, you may encounter quite difficult challenges on your journey.

If you’re constantly getting in the way – whether it’s in the Lost Castle chapter or the Barrens of Shadow chapter, chances are you haven’t combined your strength boosting skills yet. Try the combination of skills below to overcome your limits.

Ricochet + Multishot

Having Ricochet early is a real advantage. This powerful skill will cause arrows to hit many enemies in succession. When you shoot an arrow into a crowd, you will witness the fall of the enemy like autumn leaves.

Multishot is another way that will definitely help you kill enemies. With this ability, you will get an additional arrow each time you attack, in other words, doubling your attack speed. Combine these two skills, make sure the next storm of bows and arrows will make the monsters surrender.

Piercing Shot + Bouncy Wall

Piercing Shot and Bouncy Wall will cause the arrows to move constantly around the screen, helping your arrow attack many times.

For this duo to be more effective, choose the skills to increase the number of arrows you shoot, such as Rear Arrow, Side Arrows and Diagonal Arrows. You will defeat monsters from all sides.


Blood upgrade skills are rarely useful as their name suggests, but if you see the Bloodthirst skill, use them immediately. This skill will help you recover a part of the HP bar when killing 1 monster. And with a bunch of flying arrows, you will usually recover your maximum health after clear a room.

However, Bloodthirst will not work much if you die after a few hits. So upgrade your archers, collect loot, and add permanent upgrades in the Talents tab.

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