Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery: 6 tactics to head the class

As a new student, you have finished choosing a magic wand and have joined a house. What is next? Follow these tips to fully explore the miracle opportunity in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

Building social relations

Building relationships with friends is essential for your academic career. Let’s enjoy a meal at the Great Hall, sip avocado at the Three Brooms, or play a round of Gobstones in the schoolyard. To make the most of the opportunity, watch for activities to achieve a new friendship level. At that time, you will benefit most from gems and the ability to increase the energy they bring.

With friendships at a higher level, you can have characters as companions when exploring the mysteries of Hogwarts. And each character unlocks unique items, such as Bill will help unlock the sweater of the Weasley family and the core friend Rowan will help you unlock the glasses.

Strengthen the indicators

Taking extra classes and practicing mantra reading is one way to increase your stats (courage, understanding, and knowledge). Another way is to unlock special outfits that enhance the stats like beautiful sweaters or fashionable scarves. High index ownership will open you with additional voice options and earn friendship bonus points when playing with your buddies. In addition, these stats are particularly advantageous in duels because with higher rankings required, you can take a stronger blow.

Challenge your friends and opponents

Speaking of duels, to ensure that you can defeat new rival Merula, practice with different friends to sharpen your skills. To become a leader, observe your opponent’s favorite posture and save the medicine for the most dangerous injuries. You can also compete in time-limited, non-limited events of the Dueling Club to earn costumes, energy, and coins. (Please turn on the notification to receive information about the upcoming events of the Duel Club).

Additional energy

Carefully search and you will discover hidden energy sources all over the school. For example, an unbalanced sword in the Lower – West Tower – East Tower, and a large spider web in the Forbidden Forest. Because these sources are always added, you can use them several times a day.

Disclosure: Download and use the MOD version of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery can help you buy unlimited free energy.

Through knowledge

What is Doxycide made from? If your answer is the dragon liver and the secretion of the Bundimun (smart), then you will definitely have an impressive performance in this part. Take the opportunity to impress professors and surprise your friends with your knowledge of the Witch World: When you answer their questions correctly, you will earn additional points to strengthen your stats.

Winning the house

Each school year brings new opportunities to bring you glory (and a lot of gems for you). Make a Home Score by attending classes and getting 5 stars for all classes – or doing well (some professors and teachers will reward you for completing tasks and helping friends ).

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