Common problems when installing APK

Common problems when installing & using APK

Installing Android apps from an APK file is pretty straightforward. However, this is still a big problem for new users. This article will help you to fix the problems you are facing.

1. Can’t install app

1.1. Error “Blocked by Play Protect”

The Play Protect feature is meant to protect phones from malicious apps, but it’s actually a way for Google to try to prevent users from installing APK apps. Play Protect warning can cause anxiety and discomfort. But be patient and don’t worry.

MOD APK files are modified versions, so they will not match the version available on Google Play. That’s why Play Protect now warns you every time you want to install MOD APK. So, the best way is to turn off Play Protect completely and ignore it.

To turn off Play Protect completely:

Step 1. Open Google Play app

Step 2: In the top right corner, click the profile icon

Step 3: Select Play Protect -> Setting

Step 4: Turn off both “Scan apps with Play Protect” and “Improve harmful app detection” options

1.2. Error “App is not installed. The package conflicts with existing package by the same name”

If you get this error, it means you already have this application installed on your device. And that app is downloaded from a source other than APKMODY.

If you want to install the downloaded version from APKMODY, you must uninstall the version that is installed on your device.

1.3. Error “App is not installed”

If you’ve turned off Play Protect according to 1.1 and are sure you don’t get the error in 1.2, it’s probably because the app isn’t compatible with your device.

2. App not working

2.1. Error “Download failed because you may not have purchased this app”

This error usually occurs for applications with OBB, it looks like you forgot to download and install OBB.

What if even if you installed the OBB to the correct position and still got an error?

Try installing the original version from Google Play first, then uninstall it. And try to install APKMODY version again!

2.2. Error “Black screen”, “Loading screen stuck”, “Loading 0%”

Same as item 2.1.

2.3. Can’t login with Facebook/Google

This is a problem with all MOD apps.

If your device is not rooted, to log in with Facebook you need to delete the Facebook app, then log in through the browser.

If you have rooted your device, you can sign in with Google or Facebook.

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