Fortnite: Snowfoot Outfit, How to Get This, What It Looks Like?

There are many new things to discover in the updates of Fortnite Battle Royale. A series of new challenges in the 5th week such as “dance on top of a ranger tower” or find the location of the “water tower” … But most of all are completely new costumes.

Snowfoot is the current hottest outfit. It’s extremely interesting, probably the best outfit we’ve ever seen in this game. So don’t be surprised when so many players are craving and looking for this new outfit.

  • How to own Fortnite Snowfoot outfit?

How to own Fortnite Snowfoot outfit?

As you can see, the Snowfoot outfit looks great, it makes you feel warm this winter. It would be fun if you were one of the first people to actually own and use it in battles. It is a great way to show off to your friends and enemies about this outfit.

But how to get it? That’s the important question you need to know. Epic Games has released it today and it’s bad that it’s not free. Therefore, there is only one way at this time. What you will need to do is go to Fortnite Item Store and buy it there with your V-Bucks.

That’s the only way to get a Snowfoot costume right now, and you’ll have to spend 1,500 V-Bucks to get it. Take action quickly, because this item will only be available for a while and it is unclear when it will be sold again.

Recommendation: Fortnite accounts are tending to be hacked a lot. The reason is that these accounts have rare costumes like Snowfoot and Hackers not hesitate to hack them and sell them to the black market to other players. Be careful when logging in to any website and don’t buy Fortnite accounts.

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